ToscaWidgets2 Documentation

ToscaWidgets is a HTML Widgets generation and management library.

It allows to create reusable widgets to show in web pages and manages the dependencies of the widgets like Javascript and CSS that those widgets might need to properly display and behave

class HelloWidget(twc.Widget):
    inline_engine_name = "kajiki"
    template = """
        <i>Hello ${}</i>

    name = twc.Param(description="Name of the greeted entity")

Widgets can then be displayed within your web pages to create reusable components or forms:

>>> HelloWidget(name="World").display()
<i>Hello World</i>

Widgets have support for:

  • Templating based on Kajiki, Mako, Genshi and Jinja2
  • Resources, to bring in Javascript and CSS dependencies they need.
  • Parameters, to configure their behaviour.
  • Validation, to ensure proper data was provided and show validation errors to users.
  • Hooks, to drive their behaviour at runtime.

ToscaWidgets2 also provides a tw2.forms package with ready to use widgets to display Forms with input validation.

Online Resources

ToscaWidgets, as it was originall born from TurboGears Widgets, shares many online resources with TurboGears. If you have questions on how to use TW2 feel free to ask them in TurboGears channel or Mailing List.

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